• What is “Frameless” cabinetry?
  • Standard Construction
  • Frameless vs. Framed

A common construction method for frameless cabinets originated in Europe after World War II and is known as the 32-mm system or European system.[1] This nomenclature is derived from the 32-millimetre spacing between the system holes used for construction and installation of hardware typically used for doors, drawers and shelves. In North America it is also often referred to as "European Cabinetry" popular due to its simplicity of construction and clean lines.

With frameless (AKA full access) cabinets, thicker sides (boxes) keep the cabinet much more stable and avoids the use of a front frame, such as found in face-frame cabinets. By eliminating the front frame, you can have more room to get large objects inside with more usable space.

Frameless construction in cabinetmaking refers to the construction of cabinets using flat panels of engineered wood — usually particle board, plywood or medium-density fibreboard — rather than the traditional frame and panel construction.


Standard Depth & Height:
Walls =12 3/4” Deep
Bases = 24” Deep X 34 1/2” High
Vanities = 21” Deep X 31 1/2” High

  1. End Panels = 5/8” Substrate with white interior, and white exterior
  2. Shelves = 3/4” Substrate fully adjustable, full depth shelves
  3. Stretchers = 5/8” White substrate
  4. Drawers = Drawer sides and headers are 5/8” substrate. All drawers are pinned and rabbeted assembly. Visual drawer front is screwed to sub-front. Drawer bottoms 1/8” hardboard substrate with white interior, and white exterior
  5. Drawer Guides = 7/8” extension undermount drawer guides
  6. Tops and Bottoms = 5/8” Substrate with white interior, and white exterior
  7. Toe Kicks = 4 1/2” H x 3 1/8” D Substrate toe kicks, inset on all base, vanity bases and tall cabinets (toe kick unfinished)
  8. Hinges = 6 - way adjustable, self-closing and concealed hinge
  9. Backs = 1/8” Substrate with white interior, and white exterior

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Box Overlay (Reveal)

Framed Cabinet

  • BJTC - TraditionalOverlay =3 ⁄4” reveal
  • BJTC - Full Overlay = 3/16” reveal

Frameless Cabinet

  • DC – Overlay 1/16”
  • 1/16” Top/Bottom

Box Construction

Framed Cabinet: BJTC

  • End Panels, tops, bottoms = 1⁄2”
  • Shelves = 3⁄4”
  • Back Panels = 1/8”
  • Hanging Rail = 1⁄2”

Frameless Cabinet: Dream Craft

  • End Panels, tops, bottoms=5/8”
  • Shelves = 3⁄4”
  • Back Panels = 1/8 ”
  • Hanging Rail = 5/8” extra wide

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